Council currently provides two vouchers annually to all ratepayers in the area to dispose of waste at their local transfer station.

Combined, these allow residents to get rid of 600kg of domestic waste or green waste for free each year.

While this may save ratepayers on a few trips, frequent tip users said the fees don’t always add up.

“The tip fees are ridiculous. I go one day and get charged a small amount and the next trip with basically the same kind of stuff and get slogged $32,” local resident Michelle Cosgrove said, responding to a Facebook post by Yass Tribune.

Yass Tribune asked council about the fluctuating fees residents are experiencing.

Council said it had “recently conducted a comprehensive waste service review and identified that weighbridges (a machine that weighs vehicles) need to be installed at both Yass and Murrumbateman transfer stations to assist in the correct costs being applied to each load brought into those transfer stations.”

However, it doesn’t seem to be the car loads that are the issue, with residents saying the price of bags of rubbish changes.

“Additional signage is also being installed to make prices and processes clearer to residents using this service,” council said.

According to council’s list of Fees and Charges 2018/19, the cost for a wheelie bin general waste under 140L should be $5; small (up to sedan boot) - $12; medium (small trailer, twin cab ute) - $20; large (ute and trailer max height 450mm) - $36; and a small truck - $68.

Among other grievances about Yass Valley’s waste management are the lack of green bins and fortnightly recyclables collection.

Resident Leina Olah said, “I think with the rates we pay we should have a green waste bin like other towns and a weekly pick-up to really enforce recycling because I tend to fill my recycling in two days.”

Yass Tribune asked council if it would consider introducing green bins and a weekly recyclables collection.

Council’s response was, “Requests for additional services, such as weekly kerbside collection of recyclables...and green waste recycling, are reviewed on the basis of feasibility and affordability before community consultation is carried out.”

Residents are currently able to drop their separated recyclables to transfer stations for free in the council area.