Commander's Desk | Police to be highly visible at Dragon Dreaming Festival

Police will have a visible presence at next week’s Dragon Dreaming Festival, on its 10th anniversary and 6th consecutive year at Wee Jasper. Coinciding with statewide Operation Drink Drive, the random testing of drivers for illicit drugs and alcohol will be a strong feature of the police operation, to ensure all attendees arrive and depart from the location as safely as possible.

Our primary goal is safety. We want everyone to have a good time, but the most important thing is that they look after themselves.

Police have been working closely with event organisers, Yass Valley Council and other emergency services to make the event as safe as possible. This includes the police response, where drug dogs will assist with detection to prevent harmful illegal substances making it through the gate. Organisers have agreed this is necessary to promote positive health outcomes. They have further articulated a zero-tolerance policy for individuals supplying illicit drugs and those individuals will be refused entry or ejected.

As part of the NSW Police harm minimisation approach, the police commander will liaise closely with Dancewize volunteers to ensure that all attendees feel able and confident to seek advice and medical attention without undue fear.

Any person feeling unwell, should seek medical attention and do so at the earliest opportunity. Police will not be seeking to infringe upon any medical services, and we want all attendees to view treatment locations as a completely safe space. Having said all that, we make no apologies about cracking down on drug use and supply. We know that illegal drug use is claiming lives; and we know that by stemming the proliferation of drugs we will inevitably save lives.

The Hume Police District welcomes those abiding by the law but warns others: any person presenting a serious risk to public safety or security will be banned from the festival and may face prosecution if caught attempting to breach such an order. The welfare of the many will not be compromised by the few.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident.