Rod Roberts seeks better accountability

Goulburn resident, Rod Roberts, is One Nation's second candidate for the Legislative Council, behind high profile lead candidate, former Labor leader, Mark Latham.

A former senior police officer, Mr Roberts says that while he has always been politically engaged, he has never been politically active until now.

Retired police officer, Rod Roberts, contesting the upper house for One Nation

Retired police officer, Rod Roberts, contesting the upper house for One Nation

However, a disillusionment with politics at both state and federal levels has led him to join Pauline Hanson's party and to throw his hat in the ring for a seat in the New South Wales Upper House at next week's state election.

"People are not being listened to," he says of politics generally. "The LNP is pandering to corporate donors and developers and as I see it, you can either whinge or become active."

Roberts decided to roll up his sleeves and get active.

Of One Nation, he says that the philosophies of the party align with his own beliefs. "I've always been politically conservative, but One Nation has a commonsense approach that I like," he said.

He also said that he likes what he described as the party's "solution focused" approach to political issues.

Like the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, Roberts sees rural and regional areas as missing out, and notes that hospitals and education are particular areas of disadvantage.

"Education is basic to everything. How are we to transition to a 'smart economy' when there are not enough campuses for all students?"

He also sees tourism funding as being key to regional New South Wales.

Roberts also believes that spending should be prioritised for all, not just for minority groups, and that expenditure should be needs-based.

One Nation has drawn last position on the Legislative Council ballot paper, but lead candidate, Mark Latham, is predicted to win a seat. Roberts says he doesn't necessarily believe the polls and thinks the election will be close.

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