Local Leaders | NSW Farmers: Recent AGM sees farmers united

Our latest Yass NSW Farmers Branch AGM was a great success, with many members of the branch coming to listen to guest speaker Prudence Gordon, general manager of trade and economics for the National Farmers' Federation.

Carolina Merriman

Carolina Merriman

As chair, I am currently in the process of following up the discussions throughout the night of the Yass NSW Farmers AGM.

Yass Valley Council and NSW Farmers will hold a panel forum to discuss the latest legislation on weeds management. This forum will be held on June 27 at 9am in the Yass Memorial Hall. I will continue to update the community and members regarding the forum.

There has been a great result with developing a Q-fever vaccination group session. If anyone is interested in how the Q-fever vaccination works, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Animal rights activists have been a major topic at hand.

I have advised many farmers to be proactive and prepare for anything.

Farmers should know their rights, install security cameras and surveillance signs, if possible, gates should be locked, Farmers should take photos and videos of vehicle and licence plates for record keeping.

Farmers are the backbone to Australia and its economy. They are some of the best people in the world, and provide food and fibre for everyone. Farmers need to stay strong and know help will be around them.

Animal activist do not have the right to trespass and there are many other ways of talking to farmers without having to break the law.