Commander's Desk | The Hume Police District: Don't contribute to our Easter road toll

Police will be conducting Operation Tortoise over the Easter period from midnight on the Thursday, April 18 until midnight on Monday, April 22.

The operation will be designed to disrupt alcohol and drug driving, excessive and inappropriate speed, use of mobile phones, not wearing occupant restraints and helmet offences and along with fatigue issues.

Our roads traditionally have a high volume of traffic during this period and police will be working hard in our community to reduce the road toll, so people return to their loved ones after their holiday safe and well.

Police would ask that drivers be patient on the road and plan for the extra traffic. Along with this we would like to see drivers take regular stops to ensure they are alert and focused while driving.

By driving sensibly and not taking unnecessary risks, travellers should have a safe and enjoyable Easter break.

This story Don't contribute to our Easter road toll first appeared on Crookwell Gazette.