Yass Polocrosse Club plays NSW Championships in Albury, June 8-9-10

Yass Polocrosse Club has returned from the NSW Championships over the June long weekend at Albury.

Yass Polocrosse Club sub juniors Jessie Foster, Cleo Carter and Johnnie Erland. Photo courtesy Cathy Bennett

Yass Polocrosse Club sub juniors Jessie Foster, Cleo Carter and Johnnie Erland. Photo courtesy Cathy Bennett

Yass Club fielded three sides and two pool players in superstars Prue Bucknell and new recruit Tayah in the sub juniors.

Yass was also able to field a championship sub junior (under 12 years) side with Olivia and Johnnie Erland, Cleo and Tori Carter, Rainer White and Jess Foster.

These young guns played their hearts out all weekend, coming up against some stiff competition but never losing sight of the values of the game and our club displaying great sportsmanship and perseverance.

They came up against the bigger and stronger Jugiong side in the Championship Final on Sunday morning.

In an intense match, Jugiong came away with the win.

Cleo and little grey 'Ben' were the stars of the show and I think a few hearts melted as Johnnie in the number #3 position gently nudged and encouraged the old grey pony in to the line ups.

Yass 1 were in the A Mixed, coming out second best by only a couple of goals on Saturday.

Sunday saw us playing out the social against Albury 3 with no one coming home with a loss as all scores were tied up after four chukkas.

Yass 2 were in the B Mixed, suffering only one loss on the way to the final which saw them take on a firing Milton side.

Tegan Morris had to swap her horse 'Trouble' for 'Splice' for the final and the loss of height proved beneficial as she dominated the play, picking up all the loose ball in both the women's chukkas.

The fellas had a cracking first chukka with Darren Hassal throwing goals from ridiculous angles.

Unfortunately, they were unable to continue their form in the final chukka as Nathan Shea fired and Milton got them on the final buzzer.

The traditional camp fire cook up made a welcome return, with a huge feast emerging from various camp ovens.

But the culinary prize went to young Elliott Hughes, as she sat and ate her breakfast of bacon and eggs off a bag of horse feed, with perhaps some passers-by thinking she was eating Hygain.

Emerson Hassal had a great weekend brushing up on her racquet skills and riding about on her trusty roan pony, she is all set to take to the field next year.

This weekend is the annual Yass Carnival held at 'Sunny Corner' at Hall (June 15-16). Play starts 8.30am both days, with finals Sunday afternoon. Full canteen and entry free.

The new Blue Bandage (non-contact) polocrosse will also be played at the Yass Carnival. Call secretary Benny Power for details:

  • 0459 401 533