Local Leaders | NSW Farmers: Weed out threats to the environment

Weeds pose a serious threat to local food and fibre production, as well as the environment, and there are over 1600 plant species that have been identified as weeds in NSW.

These species compete with native plants and can harm animals, natural landscapes, water catchments and agriculture, and can impact the economy, human health and recreational activities.

Carolina Merriman, chair

Carolina Merriman, chair

Locally, established weeds, like serrated tussock and blackberry, and new weeds, like Chilean needle grass and African love grass, are becoming a significant threat to food and fibre production at the environment.

In response, the NSW Farmers Yass Branch is hosting a free weeds forum for all farmers, big and small, on Thursday, June 27 at the Yass Memorial Hall at 9am.

We have invited representatives from the Yass and Hilltops Councils, Local Land Services and Landcare, and are hoping the new Minister for Primary Industries, Adam Marshall, will accept an invitation to speak.

The forum will feature guest speakers and a Q and A session, with the aim if inspiring a community-wide and land tenure neutral approach to weed management.

Together, we can address the challenges and move forward with an action plan in managing established and new weeds.

Please contact local NSW Farmers Regional Services Manager Catriona McCauliffe on 0488 100 105 for more information or to RSVP for the forum.