Hume Park resident offers holiday destination a new lease of life

A cabin at Hume Park Tourist Resort in Good Hope. Photo: Caravan Park Brokers NSW
A cabin at Hume Park Tourist Resort in Good Hope. Photo: Caravan Park Brokers NSW

Tourists and locals alike have long made the windy journey to Hume Park Tourist Resort in summer.

Its picturesque location on the Murrumbidgee River is popular for water skiing and fishing.

However, in the past 12 months or so, the park has fallen into disrepair. Then in April,the lease went up for sale as liquidators wound up Jagim Developments.

Those who treasure the park as their home maintained the site while Yass Valley Council searched for a new operator.

Sean Besgrove has lived in the park for ten years and runs a gardening business in Yass.

He loves living on the river and looked after the park's gardens while things were up in the air.

During that time, Mr Besgrove decided to put his hand up to take over the park's lease.

The drought may have reduced park numbers, with boats no longer able to float on the almost dry river, but Mr Besgrove remembers the good years.

He knows that as soon as the rain comes the visitors will pour.

"It can all work," he said.

The maintenance the park requires is manageable, Mr Besgrove said.

He also said he'll make sure it remains a home for the permanent residents.

Mr Besgrove is waiting on the lease document from the council.

The council's acting general manager Chris Berry said he received the document from solicitors on Tuesday.

If the ten-year lease is approved by the council it will go to Mr Besgrove to sign, Mr Berry said.

Ms Besgrove seemed well across the park's needs, Mr Berry said.

The council owns Hume Park and the majority of the land. The foreshore is rented from Water Resources.

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