Yass Valley Council announces more than $40k in Community Grants

There is $41,000 up for grabs to not-for-profit community organisations and groups from Yass Valley Council.

Applications are open between now until December 20 for the council's 2019/20 Community Grants.

To be eligible, applicants are required to meet one or more of the objectives:

  • Facilitate and encourage equitable access to community infrastructure and services, such as health care, education and transport.
  • Encourage and facilitate active and creative participation in community life.
  • Foster and encourage positive social behaviours to maintain our safe, healthy and connected community.
  • Recognise and celebrate our diverse cultural identities and protect and maintain our community's natural heritage.
  • Maintain our rural lifestyle.
  • Protect and enhance the existing natural environment, including flora and fauna native to the region.
  • Protect and rehabilitate waterways and catchments.
  • Maintain and update existing community facilities and support the development of new community infrastructure as needed.

Successful applications can receive up to $4,000 in matched funding and will be announced at the council's February 26 ordinary meeting.

Find the Community Grants application form on the council's website: www.yassvalley.nsw.gov.au.

Hard copies of the application form are available at the council's office: 209 Comur Street, Yass.