Yass Lions Club 60 year anniversary at the Yass Soldiers Club

Saturday, November 23 was a special day for Yass Lions Club as they celebrated a 60-year anniversary at the Soldiers Club.

Club president and 33-year member Raymond Hill said a lot of work had gone into the night and that his time so far had been really rewarding.

"The night marks a milestone that only 147 other [community] clubs in the country have reached," Mr Hill said.

"When we look around at what the community has gained from our existence, it makes me proud to be president in this year.

"We are continuing our endeavours in the community and when you look at the amount of money we have donated to needy causes, it totals about $800,000.

"The best part about being in the club is being able to help underprivileged people and look after the elderly and children."

About 50 people attended the dinner.

Some of them also have a rich history with the club, such as long time members Stan Luff, Margaret Southwell, Clarrie Schlunke, Geoff Hobart, and the first woman president, Marlene Wilson.

Mr Luff has been with the club for 49 years and said joining the club was one of the best decisions of his life.

"It has been very rewarding when I look back at all the things I've done," Mr Luff said.

"I have met some amazing people along the way."

There was the time when the Lions Club donated a heart walker to Nathan Camalleri, who was eight.

Ms Southwell, who has been with the club from the start, said that was her favourite memory as the gesture helped save his life.

"There were around 100 people in our garden having Christmas breakfast to raise enough money to buy the heart walker," Ms Southwell said.

Clarrie Schlunke, who has been with the club since 1982, remembered the time the club donated an air conditioner to Yass Hospital.

"It was something that needed to be done," Mr Schlunke said.

Geoff Hobart, who has been a member for 23 years, said the most rewarding thing was being able to make the Yass community a better place.

"I remember building a toilet and bathroom out at Bowning," Mr Hobart said.

"It was a hands-on project and something I enjoyed."

The night was also attended by a few people from Lions clubs around the region, including Queanbeyan, Gunning and Bowning.

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