Yass Valley Council revotes funds for works to continue this financial year

Yass Valley Mayor Rowena Abbey.
Yass Valley Mayor Rowena Abbey.

Yass Valley Council has revoted over $500,000 in projects to be carried out this financial year at the Ordinary Meeting in August.

The projects include a software/hardware upgrade for Yass pool, a new toilet at the lawn cemetery and village water main extension.

Council also noted that $7.747 million in projects included in the 2019-20 Operational Plan, which have not been completed, and require funding to be carried forward into the current financial year.

At the conclusion of each financial year, some planned works are delayed or unable to be completed due to several reasons. It is, therefore, necessary for council to revote funds in order for the works to be carried out during the next financial year to deliver assets to the community.

The large amount of carry forward is primarily due to the $3.6 million Fixing Country Roads Grant received from the NSW Government for the replacement of Shingle Hill Way Bridge, a multi-year project due for completion in mid to late 2022, according to Director Corporate & Community Services, Mark Eady.

"The economic impact of COVID-19 has also resulted in a delay to the completion of some projects from the 2019-20 financial year. With delays in sourcing materials, some projects have been required to be carried forward," Eady said

Yass Valley Mayor Rowena Abbey said it was important for council to honour its commitment to see these projects through to the end.

"Our revoting process is a way of reaffirming council's commitment to ensure projects that are not completed, for whatever reason, are able to be carried forward into the next financial year," she said.

Here is a list of some of the projects revoted to 2020-21:

  • Village water main extension - $20,000.
  • Landfill closure plans - $25,000.
  • Closure Murrumbateman Landfill - $200,000.
  • Replacement baler - $100,000.
  • Crown Land Plans of Management - $30,000.
  • Council offices improvements - $20,000.
  • Shade sail and new vacuum for parks - $23,000.
  • New toilet at Lawn Cemetery - $40,000.
  • Murrumbateman Recreation Grounds Clubhouse - $60,000.