You can save many lives by registering as an organ or tissue donor

Be a part of the change, and save lives across the country. Photo: Shutterstock
Be a part of the change, and save lives across the country. Photo: Shutterstock

Did you know that only one in three Australians are registered as organ donors, and there are about 1800 people on a waitlist across the country to receive a life-saving transplant?

Did you know about 13 million people throughout Australia over the age of 16 are eligible to donate their organs, but only seven million are registered?

Or that about one in three people who have received an organ transplant have travelled from a regional area?

You can help many Australians from all walks of life by signing up as an organ and tissue donor as part of DonateLife Week.

The aim of DonateLife Week is to have 100,000 Australians register as organ donors between July 25 and the first of August as part of 'The Great Registration Race' campaign.

The initiative also encourages people who think they are registered to check their registration - if you previously had your registration recorded on your driver's licence, you need to join the Australian Organ Donor Register.

This year's campaign pushes to increase the amount of registrations and people receiving transplants after both declined last year due to Covid-19.

There was a 16 per cent decrease last year in the amount of registrations and a 16 per cent decline in the number of donors in comparison to numbers in 2019.

The amount of people who benefited from transplants also decreased by 12 per cent in 2020 in comparison to 2019.

A total of 463 generous organ donors and their families saved 1270 lives across the country last year through successful transplants.

At the moment, there are also 12,000 people on dialysis who might benefit from a kidney transplant.

You can register as an organ and tissue donor at

You can also register via MyGov, the Express Plus Medicare app or fill out this form to update your details, and specify which organs or tissues you would like to donate.

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