Rye Park and Dalton Public School students build a celebration tree

Anyone who has been lucky enough to travel through Rye Park recently (like John Elliott and his troop of camels that are walking across Australia) will have been blown away by the public school's celebration tree.

This large, colourful sculpture has been a work in progress for more than a year, beginning with the collection of used plastic lids from students, staff and the community.

With thousands of lids collected, Rye Park Public students partnered with Dalton Public students and Yass sculptor Al Phemister to begin designing the tree, taking into account how they could incorporate as many non-recyclable, used materials as possible.

The process included sorting the lids into colours, drilling holes into the lids and then threading them onto a wire frame.

Students and staff were thrilled with the result, as were passers by. Many have stopped to admire the tree and chat to the students.

A big thank you to Mr Phemister for his expertise and guidance with the wonderful project!

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